The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

Where can I get help and support with all questions about Coupa?

For any questions regarding orders and coupa, please contact our operative procurement department. You can reach us as follows:

  • via the contact form
  • by phone under +49 381 8070 2965 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 6 p.m., Friday8 a.m. until 5 p.m.)
  • via e-mail:

How much does it cost to join the Supplier Portal CSP?

Neither Coupa nor Sixt will charge you for the use of the CSP.

Where can I register for the CSP?

Please contact our operative procurement department. We will gladly send you a link for registration in the CSP.

Where can I log in at CSP?

After your registration you can log in at

How can I delete my account in the CSP?

If you no longer wish to work with Sixt via the CSP, let us know and we will deactivate you in the system.

Why do I not receive the e-mails to reset my password?

Please check the spam / advertising folder in your mailbox.

Why do I get the error message "unauthorized or expired account"?

It is possible that we have accidentally deactivated your account in our system. Please contact us and we will try to fix the error. If we are not able to do so, we will contact Coupa to find a solution.

What can I do if I receive the error message "We are sorry, but something went wrong"?

Please inform us about the error that has occurred. With high probability there is a configuration or update problem on our part. We will contact Coupa to fix the error.

How can I log in again if I have forgotten my two-factor authentication code?

Use the Google Authenticator or your backup codes. If you do not have these codes, please contact us.

Working with the CSP

How do I enable the two-factor authentication?

After you have logged in to the CSP, open the account settings under your login name, at the top right of the page. Here you can activate the two-factor authentication.

How do I disable the two-factor authentication?

You can disable the two-factor authentication in the account settings under your login name, at the top right of the page.

How do I know if I am connected to Sixt?

If you have registered with the CSP, scroll down. At the bottom right of the start page you can see which customers you last connected to.

What do I do if I am connected to a customer via Coupa and another customer wants to work with me via the CSP?

If the customer is using Coupa version 18 (and above), he can find you in the Coupa Supplier Portal directory and connect to you.

If you provide your new Coupa customer with the same email address that you already use in the CSP, they can send you an invitation to the Coupa Portal. Once you confirm the new connection request, you are connected to your new and existing customer.

Why can’t I find my new supplier in my customer list in the CSP?

If you cannot find a new customer in your customer overview, the customer probably used a different e-mail address for the invitation to the CSP than the one you work with in the CSP. Ask your customer to send another invitation to the e-mail address with which you have registered in the CSP.

How can I activate another user for the CSP?

Click on the Admin button in the menu. On the Users tab, click the Invite User button. When the window opens, enter the required information and send the invitation.

Why do I not have access to my orders / invoices?

Click the Admin button on the menu and make sure you have access to the correct roles and customers. If the correct roles or customers are not listed, contact the administrator of your CSP account and ask him to release the corresponding roles / customers.


How do I create an invoice?

Click on the Orders tab in the menu. If you are connected to more than one Coupa customer, select the appropriate customer from the drop-down list for which you wish to create an invoice. In the order overview that appears, select the order for which you want to create an invoice. Then click on the symbol with the yellow coins to create an invoice.

Can I create an invoice without an order reference?

With the introduction of Coupa, Sixt is pursuing the goal of establishing efficient and transparent procurement management in the company. The guiding principle for the redesign of our processes is: No PO – No Pay. For this reason, we reserve the right to settle only invoices that have an order reference. Since in future all orders will be mapped via Coupa, each invoice will always be linked to an order generated by the system. Please contact our operative procurement department if you still wish to send us an invoice without order reference.

How can I transmit an invoice to Sixt?

There are various options available to you for the transmission of your invoice:

  • Send invoices by e-mail (SAN)
  • Sending invoices via the CSP
  • Sending invoices via cXML

You can find further information about the invoice transmission on our website or in the Coupa Manual in our download area. You are also welcome to contact us to determine a suitable type of connection for you.

Why can’t I send cXML invoices?

Check if you are using the supported protocols TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2. If you are experiencing problems with billing via cXML despite using these protocols, please contact

How do I know whether my invoice has been registered in the system?

Click on the Invoices tab in the menu. Select the relevant customer and search for invoices that are still listed as drafts in the system. These invoices still need to be processed and then sent to the customer. If you cannot find the required invoice in the list, the invoice has not yet been entered in the system.

Do I have to include accounting information on the xCML invoice?

Invoices for a purchase order do not require any further accounting information, as this information is part of the procurement requirement and is passed on to the PO. When an invoice refers to a purchase order (PO), Coupa takes the accounting information from the PO and adds it to the invoice.

How can I credit or cancel an already billed invoice?

To create a credit note, you can enter a negative quantity or a negative amount. For more information, see How do I create a credit note?. Once an invoice is submitted, it cannot be changed. See also: Why can’t I edit, cancel, or delete an invoice?

How can I make a partial claim on an invoice?

You can issue several invoices for a single purchase order (PO). Simply click on the gold coin symbol and enter the desired partial amount to be invoiced for the order. Repeat the process to invoice the remaining amount.

Why can’t I edit, cancel or delete an invoice?

Once an invoice has been sent to the supplier, it can no longer be changed. This ensures the integrity of the invoice processing process. You have the following options:

1. Ask Sixt to cancel or delete the received invoice. You can then create a new invoice

2. Create a credit note that credits Sixt with the original value and then create a new invoice.

What does the "Tolerance Hold" status on an invoice mean?

It means that the invoiced amount does not correspond to the amount of the order and that the deviation tolerance of Sixt was exceeded. The invoice issued must now be approved manually.

If an invoice has this status over a longer period of time, please let us know.

What do I do if an invoice was rejected?

Create a new invoice to replace the rejected invoice.

What do I do after an invoice is approved?

At this point there is no need for you to take action. Sixt processes your invoice and settles the outstanding amount based on your payment terms.

What do I do if an invoice was not paid?

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about your payments. Please always make sure to update your master data so that our Accounts Payable department always has all the data necessary for payment.

How do I create a credit note?

Click on the Orders tab in the menu. Select the order for which you want to create a credit note and click on the red coins. You create a credit note for either a negative quantity or a negative amount. You can either clear the entire invoice with a credit note, or only part of the invoice.

What do I do if I receive the error message "Please correct the following error"?

Please contact our operational procurement department so that we can check if there is an order box in our Coupa instance that cannot be displayed on your site or if your account is active. If we cannot resolve the problem, we will contact Coupa for troubleshooting assistance.


Can I set a filter in the order overview to only see orders that have not yet been invoiced?

At the moment it is not possible to filter orders by their invoice status.

How can I see the orders of my customer?

Open the Orders tab in the menu. If you are connected to more than one customer via Coupa, select the relevant customer from the drop-down list. All the customer’s orders are then displayed in an overview.

How can I change the price on an order?

You cannot change the price on an order via the CSP. If you want to change the price on an order, please contact us.

How do I invoice a framework agreement?

You can issue several invoices for a single purchase order. Open the Orders tab in the system and click on the coin icon to create an invoice. Then enter the amount that you want to invoice for the order that is part of the framework agreement. If you want to issue an invoice for this framework agreement again, repeat the procedure.

How many times does Coupa try to resend an order that could not be sent?

If an order transmission leads to a connection timeout because the supplier could not be reached, Coupa will attempt to resend the order up to four times at five minute intervals.

What is the purpose of an order confirmation from the supplier?

In this way you can inform Sixt that you have received the order and can fulfill it.

How can I view historical data on completed orders?

Sixt can provide you with information on completed orders. Please contact us if you need this data.